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I saw some of the stuff, but not the big dialogue he was carrying on, so…it was like, I sometimes tell that to parents that, film yourself with you baby and see if other stuff happens that…   M: Would have an effect of the skin, on the skin. Is it something to do with body hair? That, that is interesting, if you think biologically from that point of view. So they might want to change or for the older child, I would usually say that, or as the parent like what interests the baby. Yeah and away from our experience.

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So yeah, one of the, the really interesting things is that the hair follicles of our body, if we factor in the vellus hair follicles, then we have roughly the same density of hair follicles as you would expect to see on an ape of our size.

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Do you want to say any words to start out with that one? And you, Mel, you want to say some words about you? And if we are going for a longer sort of distance and we may be using a baby carrier. And then babies are okay also with being misunderstood and gave many many opportunities also but when it comes to EC, they gave many opportunities to try to understand. So huge difference, huge difference, right?

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