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Improperly heated canned or preserved food. Female carrier- some degree of mental impairment. Haemostasis problems can also be due to systemic disorders. Polyploid- term used to describe chromosome complements bigger than diploid. Prevention- condoms, treatmentcephalosporin and azithromycin.

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Larvae may migrate through body and from cysts elsewhere in body.

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Normal, ABCDEFGH Deletion, segment lost, ABFGH, lost part of original material, lost segment may be terminal or interstitial latter favoured due to stability of telomeres involves 2 breaks, chromosome material without centromere, lost at next division. During haematopoiesis, bone marrow derived stem cells differentiate into mature immune cells or into precursors of cells that migrate out to continue maturation elsewhere. Symptoms- fever, fatigue, constipation, headache, stiff neck, limb pain. Functional autophagy and apoptosis: Intestinal cancer- liver and spleen become enlarged, intestinal damage, person progressively weakened due to damage to liver, spleen and digestive tract. Childhood illnesses- MMR debate, reduced vaccination lead to measles outbreak H1N1 influenza- swine flu, new strain, human to human transmission.

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