Vintage ruby wedding ring

In addition to being December's birthstone, Blue Topaz is also the state gemstone of Texas. November Birthstone - Citrine. Garnet crystals are crushed in mills and purified by wind blowing, magnetic separation, sieves, and washing. It signifies hope, peace and clarity and can be placed against the cheek of a feverish child to induce sleep. Diamonds are classified by the "Four Cs": The Garnet, a dark red stone, is not only the birthstone for January, but also the 2nd anniversary gem. Not a Member Yet??

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Citrine signifies happiness, joy and optimism. Garnets have been used both as gemstones and as abrasives. Historically, people have worn them to acquire healing powers and to restore eyesight. This gem was only discovered in the 's in Tanzania. April Birthstone - Diamond. Diamonds are classified by the "Four Cs":


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